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Creating beautiful wooden furniture for your home interior

 At Seraphim Interiors, my work is predominantly towards creating the look and feel of traditional luxury, with a high level of craftsmanship, using responsibly-sourced materials of the highest quality. I craft decorative wall panelling in Croydon, as well as kitchen cabinets, mantelpieces, tables and chairs, bedframes, and almost any wooden furnishing imaginable.


For me, customer satisfaction is paramount. Making sure your finished article is how you intend it to look and feel within your home interior, and executing your design faithfully and to every detail is the most important aspect of my role. Your furnishing project can be developed and completed with your every input, or I can carry out the design for you, and select the most suitable materials for the assignment. Usually the work is very much collaborative, consulting with each other until we arrive at a design we are both happy with.



Decorative wall mount carving for manor property in Croydon



Creating decorative wall panelling in Croydon for customers nationwide

I have the highest ethics and standards with every project I undertake. You can expect perfect, precision fitting, which is what I have mastered over 25 years as a craftsman, and a friendly, professional approach to my work at all times. I always like to hear that my clients would recommend my business and would also be repeat customers. I listen to my customers and am always honest about what can be achieved.

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High standard of craftsmanship


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Professionalism at all stages








Responsibility at every stage

As a craftsman of decorative wall panelling in Croydon, and the sole proprietor of my business, you will be dealing exclusively with myself and my work throughout the process. There is no sales team, no apprentices using your furniture to train themselves, and no outsourced furniture. All the items are handcrafted here in Croydon, from sustainably-sourced materials. With Seraphim Interiors, you’ll get something you can’t get from a large company, which is accountability every step of the way, even after you have parted with your money.

bespoke kitchen cabinets by our carpenter in Croydon








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